Nextdoor now lets neighbors poll one another, better quantify results

NextdoorThe fast-growing, neighborhood-based community platform Nextdoor has launched a new feature, Nextdoor Polls, that now allows neighbors to easily ask one another questions and quantify the results.

As governments continue to integrate Nextdoor into their engagement strategies, polls will undoubtedly be a key feature in informally gauging public feedback on various issues. Given that many use the app for suggestions on services, this could also be leveraged by local businesses as a source for market research to learn more about what the community wants or how it could serve them better.

From Nextdoor’s Morgan Hallmon:

“Polls work similarly to other newsfeed posts. They may be shared with the neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods, or any groups to which a member belongs. All responses to the poll are completely anonymous, which allows polls to be used for a wide variety of applications. Anyone who receives the poll may cast a single vote until the poll is closed, at which point the results are displayed for all members of the neighborhood or group.”

Nextdoor recently raised an additional $100 million in investment that puts its valuation at $1.1 billion.

For more about Nextdoor, read Nancy Scola’s excellent feature in NextCity.

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  1. I disconnected today. All they care about is there special interest groups. They disallow free speech all while taking your information. Discouraging startups and new businesses. I wasn’t worried about there ideology yet telling me and my community what to think about and hiding comments that go against their $ is detrimental to society.

    A free thinker
    P.S. I won’t look back


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