USPTO preps for new website launch


The U.S. Patent and Trade Office plans to move its beta website, located at, to the official agency domain,, on February 5.

The site, developed in Drupal, is an improvement over the current one, but still has a way to go before it is optimal for users. There are large blocks and long pages of text and, coupled with a thin font for the main body text, this makes it difficult to read and skim. The patents and trademark search functionality is not mobile-friendly which, in this day and age, especially with something as fundamental to its mission as this, seems like a pretty big oversight. There are also redundant or unnecessary pages such as the Search Trademark Database that doesn’t actually have search functionality a link to one.

According to the agency, future enhancements will focus on making it easier to do business through USPTO, including patent fee payment and trademark registration filing.

USPTO is asking for public feedback before the new site launches.

Watch the video preview:

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