U.S. Digital Service opens itself up to the public

U.S. Digital ServicesAfter getting some grief for not having a strong public presence, the U.S. Digital Service is beginning to open itself up with a new website, video and Twitter account.

The new website highlights projects and team members and makes a compelling recruitment push for “designers and writers, engineers and product managers, researchers and procurement experts committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning our government.”

From the website:

We understand the challenges, we’re equipped with the right tools and resources, and every day a growing number of America’s most talented people are joining hard-working public servants to make a difference. This community is the United States Digital Service. Together, we work with seasoned leaders across government to build world-class public services…and redefine public service for a new generation.

Apply for a job at USDS, follow on Twitter at @USDS, sign up for USDS email updates and learn more about its work.

Watch the new video:

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