FCC readies to refresh FCC.gov


It took 10 years for the Federal Communications Commission to re-do its first website, and now FCC.gov is set to undergo a second overhaul since it relaunched in 2011.

A public beta of the next iteration will be completed by January 2015, followed by a full-release launch in June.

Much of the criticism since its last launch has been around the site’s focus on the general consumer as the primary audience, as opposed to the communications industry.

“We are focused on answering the call from our users to improve our site,” writes FCC Chief Information Officer David Bray on the FCC blog. “We are collaborating with multiple internal and external stakeholders to provide feedback and input, and the resulting data will guide the improvements to our website.”

The website upgrade is part of a larger modernization effort that Bray says “will holistically improve the data, information, and services the FCC provides the public.”

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