New Orleans seeks CIO

New Orleans city hall (Photo: <a href="">Wally Gobetz</a>
New Orleans city hall (Photo: Wally Gobetz

In what is probably the best municipal technology job opportunity since Oakland was recruiting a chief information officer, the city of New Orleans is looking for new CIO.

The position was vacated by Allen Square, who served four years as the city’s CIO, inheriting a scandal-ridden department in which his two predecessors pled guilty to bribery charges. It seems those days are past as Square has helped bring a new approach to technology to the city.

From the job description, here’s the best incentive for those looking to move beyond the run-of-the-mill municipal IT opportunities:

“This is a city on the rise due to a healthy mix of preserving cultural traditions that celebrate family, friends and quality of life and an explosion in civic, business and technological innovation. New Orleans is home to a new 80 school public charter school system, thriving local art, music and culture scene, and strong families and communities. Our population has rebounded to nearly 380,000 people and is still growing as we strive to become the best city in America.”

Apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

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