Improve San Francisco from inside City Hall

Recognizing that good ideas are found outside City Hall, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is giving you an opportunity to join him and his team of innovators inside City Hall.

Inspired by the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows Program, Mayor Lee recently launched the Mayor’s Innovation Fellowship Program that will allow qualified individuals to manage high impact projects within City government. This exciting initiative, the first of its kind for a City government, is in partnership with City Hall Fellows, a program that brings great minds from all sectors to help San Francisco tackle some of its most difficult issues.

The Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation will host Mayor’s Innovation Fellows for nine-month terms, beginning January 7, 2013. Fellows will be matched, based on their interests and skills, to one of four focus areas:

Once onboard, fellows will be tasked with managing high-impact projects that result in real solutions to challenges being addressed at City Hall. They will have the opportunity to participate in hackathons, meet with start-ups, and collaborate with residents — all with the aim of creating a more innovative, responsive and efficient government and ultimately, a better San Francisco.

We are taking a unique approach to engaging both the public and private sectors in the Fellowship Program. Applications can be received through the City Hall Fellows program and also mid-career professionals will have an opportunity to join the Sabbatical Program, in which external organizations send the Fellow to City Hall for a duration of time. This unique structure ensures that government has access to the brightest minds in the private sector.

Learn more about the Mayor’s Innovation Fellowship Program and apply here: The deadline to apply is November 8th.

About Shannon Spanhake

Shannon Spanhake is the Deputy Innovation Officer for the City and County of San Francisco Mayor's Office. Her focus is on building an Open Government program focused on innovation to enable job creation, citizen engagement, and urban revitalization.


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