How the open data community died

Here’s a presentation that Openly Local‘s Chris Taggart gave during the 2011 Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw.

While it’s difficult to understand the full context, it appears Taggart is presenting a hypothetical scenario of what could happen to the open data movement if it doesn’t focus on key areas, such as forming a critical mass and getting Google to accommodate open data in its search results. Slides 27-33 offer ideas on how open data could be made more relevant and are worth reviewing.

One particular bullet point (“Build a business on open data. Really. Do it now!”) jumps out at me, because I hear this mantra over and over from people who aren’t practicing what they preach. My general comment is that there are vocal champions that advocate open data business models, but aren’t taking the entrepreneurial leap themselves.

My advice to them: Be the example.

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  1. Anonymous

    Google doesn’t have open data in its search results? Really? When I see that, it unfortunately makes me doubt everything else he has to say.


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