On this day one year ago, Alex Howard published his first GovFresh post

Alex HowardOn this day one year ago, Alex Howard published his first GovFresh post. Since then, he has written a total of 302 on his OpenGovFresh blog (subscribe).

Thank you Alex for your contributions and support of GovFresh, but also all the work you do for the entire open government community. There are many ideas, innovators, apps and events that don’t get covered by mainstream media and, if they weren’t covered by you, would never move beyond our community of Gov 2.0 enthusiasts. Blogging is powerful, and you do important work.

As I’ve said many times, Alex Howard is the “Hardest Working Man in Gov 2.0 Business.”

Follow Alex’s work on O’Reilly Radar or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh, co-founder/CEO of ProudCity and co-host of the podcast, The Government We Need. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at luke@govfresh.com.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Luke. And thank you, Adriel. I tried counting up the posts here, on HuffPo, Radar, RWW, Mashable, National Journal and my own blog over the past year when someone asked earlier this year Ran out of steam and never put a number on GF, not to mention the tweet volume. Thanks for that checkpoint, and for the encouragement.


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