SFOpen 2011: Tony Hall

Tony HallAs part of SFOpen 2011, we’re featuring the San Francisco mayoral candidates and their thoughts and ideas on open government and Government 2.0. We’re interviewing each of them and have asked them to commit to the Open Government Pledge for San Francisco.

Meet Tony Hall.

Committed to the Open Government Pledge for San Francisco?

No, but offered this statement:

“While I don’t sign others’ pledges (only my own), I absolutely agree with the spirit of the language and just wish it were tougher on corruption. I hope you will note my reasons for my decision.”

Open government statement

“We must take on the powerful special interests that have undue influence at City Hall. The best way is to have an open and transparent government that is unafraid of scrutiny, because it is always striving to serve its people. All city departments must have sunshine policies and public input.”

GovFreshTV interview

Connect with Hall

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    Phoney … look up his past and find out this guy is a real moron with big ideas using your dollars.  He’s used to using governments money … remember his history .. he did pay six thousand dollars recently for what he did wrong .. and that was only what he didnt’ deduct as business expenses.  Not a good man but he wants the job as mayor more than anything.  He is a phoney.   He lies a lot … well, if you ask him all the things he did in the past, his history of great successes… all lies mixed with some truths… but the truths are few ..  now that you’re in the spotlight creepy Hall, Tony, let’s see if you want to admit to any crimes unless of course you don’t have any.  VOTE DEMOCRATIC


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