New Gov2 TV launches ‘for what’s hot in open government from around the world’

Gov2 TV, a new television show focused on Gov 2.0 and open government, launched this week. The show, hosted by Walter Schwabe, featured O’Reilly Media Government 2.0 Washington Correspondent Alex Howard and Our Say Australia Communications and Community Manager Linh Do in its inaugural episode.

“Gov2 on fusedlogicTV will aim to be your weekly live and on-demand source for what’s hot in Open Government from around the world,” said Schwabe announcing the show.

Here’s the first episode:

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh and a strategy consultant for CivicActions and NuCivic. More about him here. He can be reached at



  • Walter Schwabe

     Thanks for the ink Luke…would love to hear your feedback and that of you readers…episode 2 will be up shortly.  

  • Nevada Falconry

    TOTALLY stole this from !!!  Just goes to show you that with money, you dont need any creativity. 

  • Evan Adnams

    huh? I’m guessing theres more than one person who thought of this. Not a surprise, it’s a good idea, lots of room for anyone to do it. 

    No need to make unfounded accusations of “stealing”…

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  • Anonymous

    What are you referring to, Evan?

  • Kristy Fifelski

    Just a well meaning, yet over-zealous friend. The more vids on important topics like these, the better. Needs sock puppets though ;-)