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By / Dec 30, 2010

I'm the founder of GovFresh, CivicMeet and co-creator of GovPress, the WordPress theme for government. I'm also a strategic consultant for CivicActions and NuCivic, both focused on bringing agile, open source and open data solutions to government. I also serve on the steering committee for Open Source for America. Connect with me on Twitter or email me at

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  • Adriel Hampton

    Luke, thanks for the shout out! It’s great to have you out here in the West paying close attention to the Gov 2.0/OpenGov movement in its many forms, from small town to the Beltway. Look forward to great things in 2011!

  • Mike Rupert

    Thanks for the mention! Everyone should be putting you on their list for 2010. Your hustle and creativity is an inspiration to all us.

  • Beth Lovett

    Thanks Luke! The AdobeGov team is honored to be included in your list. Looking forward to continuing our support of the community in 2011.

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