Build an ‘open source value creation model’ for your agency

Great FedTalks presentation from David Dejewski of the Department of Defense Business Transformation Agency where he discusses Web 2.0, MilSuite including MilBook, MilWiki, MilBlog and MilTube. Dejewski talks about building a ‘Web 2.0 deployment toolbox,’ get the technical and security foundation down and build an ‘open source value creation model.’

Best points relates his approach to development:

  • It takes about 4 hours to build an app
  • Open source apps are free
  • Deployment is instantaneous / Scalable
  • Prototypes are a thing of the past
  • Development cycles are now simply deployments
  • XML published data is platform agnostic

Best quote:

‘These technologies, these obstacles are going away. We can now for the first time in history celebrate the fact that technology is finally mature enough to start providing you a return on investment. The limitations that we once faced in terms of hardware and speed and all that, they’re all melting away with the advent of Web 2.0, because you’re not hosting it anymore. The stuff is being hosted somewhere else in the cloud. Your whole mission with Web 2.0 … once you get the platform out there, is to focus on value. Take the whole discussion of hardware out of your mind. Focus on value creation.’

Full video here:

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