Leveraging your community through crowdsourcing

Richard White on Leveraging Your Community: San Francisco startup UserVoice allows governments, politicians, nonprofits and businesses small and large to harness the ideas and feedback of their employees, communities and citizens online. Gov 2.0 Radio host Adriel Hampton talks with CEO Richard White about best practices for local government use of this kind of feedback tool, and some of the best and worst examples of the platform in action.



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  1. I think this is a step in the right direction for more involvement in local government, however, Uservoice misses a critical component of the process, evolution of idea. The one dynamic of an in-person meeting that is hard to reproduce in the online world is idea evolution and refinement. For example, you suggest an idea, I respond with a “great idea..did you think about this?” The idea evolves real-time among the participants. Uservoice lacks this critical component. To me, a better example of web-based crowdsourcing is taking place in Omaha, NE called Pass the Potatoes. http://www.passthepotatoes.com.


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