Will Tim O’Reilly dance for Code for America?

Earlier this week, we announced the Code for America t-shirt contest. Here’s the gist of the contest rules:

From now until August 1, we’ll feature our favorite CFA t-shirt photos on GovFresh. We’ll feature you on the home page of GovFreshTV for the month of August if you do a video dance routine wearing one.

In an effort to get CFA board members fired up, we challenged Gov 2.0 Guru Tim O’Reilly to step up to the plate:

@timoreilly If you danced for @codeforamerica we might just convert GovFresh to a 1-page video site for the day. #gov20

This morning, we received an anonymous tip that Tim actually CAN dance (see video below), so we’d like to make him a formal offer:

@timoreilly If you dance for @codeforamerica we will feature nothing but your video on the GovFresh home page for one full day. If you and fellow board members @cjoh @corbett3000 do a boy-band-New-Kids-on-the-Block style dance together, we will keep it up for a whole MONTH.

Now that we all know Tim O’Reilly is as passionate about Gov 2.0 as he is about dancing, will he inspire alpha geeks across America to join with him and dance for a great cause?

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh, co-founder/CEO of ProudCity and co-host of the podcast, The Government We Need. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at luke@govfresh.com.

2 Responses

  1. If you guys manage to raise $25,000 for Code for America, through any mix of individual or corporate sponsorship, I will be happy to dance for you.

    This is a good reminder: We need to be focused on results, not just actions.

    That’s why I like Code for America so much. It’s focused on harnessing a new spirit of public service in pursuit of concrete outcomes.


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