OpenGovWest gets fresh look, logo, Website

OpenGovWest has a new logo and Website. Described as a “network of open government supporters and practitioners, working together to foster progress on open government issues and technology throughout the US and Canada,” OGW is managed by Knowledge As Power, a nonprofit organization based in Seattle. (Note: We worked with KAP to help re-design the logo and site using our GovFresh Gov 2.0 WordPress theme)

KAP Executive Director Sarah Schacht on OGW’s mission:

“We’re bringing together a wide range of people who support open government work through work summits, conferences, and local meetups. While there’s a lot of PR around ‘Gov 2.0,’ it’s still difficult work that requires individuals and organizations with different skills to coordinate their work. OGW events are a fun, functional way to facilitate open government work.”

Connect with OGW on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to the the RSS feed or sign up for the email newsletter.

Check out the new look:


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