My Gov 2.0 Hero: Ted Hsieh

Submitted by Read G. Holman (@ReadG), MPH, New Media Strategist, US Department of Health & Human Services.

Ted Hsieh

It’s easy for one to say “Hey, on this website, wouldn’t it be cool if X?” where X is any given outcome of random neuronal firing in the brain of someone that might call themselves a New Media Strategist.

It’s a whole other thing altogether to make X a reality, to turn that idea into a tangible product. At HHS, that’s where Ted Hsieh (sounds like Shay) comes in. You won’t find him on Twitter nor GovLoop nor many meet-ups, but Ted has been called a ninja and a Jedi Knight. That’s right: He’s a Ninjedi Knight. As the lead developer for the US Department of Health & Human services, he takes all the crazy ideas that push and challenge our technological infrastructure, talks them out, adds a little magic and pumps out technical solutions to meet the needs of HHS web communicators. And he does it quickly. Like really quickly. (That’s where the magic comes in.)

The front line of the Gov 2.0 movement is where citizens’ desires meet technological capabilities. Ted’s a fed with a devotion to serving the American people by pushing technological capabilities and in turn pushing the front line of the Gov 2.0 movement. And he does it without any spotlight. This last point more than any other is the reason he’s my Gov 2.0 Hero.

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