Group hug and Gov 2.0 Hero Day

By / Jun 15, 2010

I heart Gov 2.0 HeroesThank you to everyone who took the time to participate in Gov 2.0 Hero Day. I hope you got as much inspiration and enthusiasm as I did, watching so many people get excited about acknowledging the work of others.

Special thanks to Brian Ahier (@ahier) for podcasting an interview about GovFresh and Gov 2.0 Hero Day on O’Reilly’s Radar, Chris Dorobek (@cdorobek) for having me on the show, and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark (@craignewmark) for promoting via his blog.

Some great Gov 2.0 Hero posts:

Plenty of wonderful tweets can be found at the following hashtags:

Andrew Wilson’s (@AndrewPWilson) sentiments really resonate and inspire me to work harder and make GovFresh better:

Honored, humbled & inspired to work harder from all the #gov20heroday mentions today – many, many others deserve spotlight on their work

And Scott Horvath (@scotthorvath) gives us a parting thought for next year:

Next year for #gov20heroday…let’s have a BBQ in D.C. and bands!

Second that. Someone reserve the Mall.

Thanks again everyone.

I'm the founder of GovFresh, CivicMeet and co-creator of GovPress, the WordPress theme for government. I'm also a strategic consultant for CivicActions and NuCivic, both focused on bringing agile, open source and open data solutions to government. I also serve on the steering committee for Open Source for America. Connect with me on Twitter or email me at

  • Beth Beck

    Thanks for throwing this hero party!!! What a fab idea, Luke. I still think capes are an essential fashion accessory (and they could double as large bibs for next year’s DC BBQ). ;)

  • Luke Fretwell

    And free Space Shuttle rides!

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  • steve davies

    Great stuff Luke.

    Am suggesting to people here in Australia – as part of may day job – that we set up something like Gov 2.0 Hero Day for the Australian Public Service. We need to celebrate a bit more in my book.



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