Why has government gone from zero to Web 2.0 in 60 seconds?

  • http://www.sectorshare.com Michael Douglas

    Hi Mark-

    some interesting points, but surely the key reason for government using these platforms is that’s where the people are?

    More of our thoughts here…



  • http://www.FatPurple.com Glen @ FatPurple

    Simple. No Federal Government agency wanted to be first. When some brave groups like the CDC finally dove head first into social media, other agencies still wanted to sit on the sidelines for a year or two and see how it played out. When the tide finally shifted (and still is) agencies were caught playing catchup for missing the last 5 years. Nobody wants to seem out of touch and inflexible. Need to keep up with the Obamas…

  • http://www.videominutes.net/ Justin Mosebach

    Here you go with Facebook and city Pages: http://wiredtoshare.com/facebook-hijacks-us-government-pages

    Also see Adriel’s post on GovLoop: “Don’t Have a City Facebook Page? It’s OK, Facebook’s Made One (For You?)” http://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/dont-have-a-city-facebook-page

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