How open was Obama’s YouTube interview?

Earlier this week, President Obama took questions from YouTube via CitizenTube. The event was part of an effort to crowdsource citizen questions to the president after his State of the Union speech. According to YouTube, 772,350 votes were cast on 14,456 questions from 64,969 people.

I didn’t pay attention to the process, so I’m not familiar with questions the crowd may have requested, but didn’t get an answer on. I’m always wary of user comments on YouTube, but here’s a select few from the interview post and the Citizentube behind the scenes post that stand out.

Do you agree? Disagree?

i was hoping this would show the team choosing to ignore some of the most requested questions, but then i recalled that this is in fact censortube

When will you post the video about how you censored the most popular questions?

If the aim was to ask the president America’s top voted questions, then you should have asked about hemp prohibition.
Marijuana legalization comprised 2 of the top 5 or 6 questions in every category and were all censored into ‘Other’ .
If CitizenTube represents the people or has any journalistic integrity you will address this promptly.


Behind the scenes clip from YouTube:

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