Gov 2.0 Expo: Game on, baby

Gov 2.0 game on, baby.

Gov 2.0 Expo registration is officially open, and I’m feeling much better since my last post. With all this Open Government Directive stuff flying around, Feds are scrambling and no one here at the White House cares who tweets where anymore. This morning I saw a Secret Service guy on his smoke break DMing Willie Nelson (@willienelson) from the White House roof. Gigglegate really got things going, but Gov 2.0 Expo will …




(White) House.

Looked at the line-up and schedule, and all I can say is …



(Gov 2.0) Hook.

If Gary Vaynerchuk crushes it like he did at Web 2.0 Expo (and he will), Washington, DC, will never be the same. The number of times ‘shit’ gets tweeted in the #gov20 Twitter stream will be astronomical. @FCC will have a field day. By the end of his keynote, we’ll all be wearing American flag wristbands, pouring Pinot Noir, ready to #govcrushit regardless of how much snow is still in the streets.

Gov 2.0 2010 prediction:

By June 1, every public servant from Washington DC to San Francisco will have a Twitter account, Posterous blog, government-issued iPhone, iPad, Mac and personal idea collaboration tool.

People are pumped and here’s what some of the Program Committee members are saying:

Gov 2.0 Expo co-chair Laurel Ruma (@laurelatoreilly):

Open Government will sell like Eat, Pray, Love.”

Sunlight Labs director Clay Johson (@cjoh):


Booze Allen’s Steve Radick (@sradick):

“They will come to know I’m the Brian Solis of Gov 2.0.'”

FedScoop founder and CEO Goldy Kamali (@fedscoop):

“I’ll be the one on a cloud. Yes, a cloud.”

iStrategy Labs founder and CEO Peter Corbett (@corbett3000):

“Apps for Anything is going to be H.O.T.”

Gov 2.0 co-chair Mark Drapeau (@cheeky_geeky):

“I’ll show Steve Ballmer how to open an event.”

GovLoop founder Steve Ressler (@govloop):


Stay tuned. There’s still three months to go.

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7 Responses

  1. “Game on?”

    It looks like someone is confusing “the Game” with “the Pep-Rally”.

    Now, I understand that for some people, like the Cheerleading Squad, it IS all about “the Pep-Rally” because *they* are the center of attention.

    So, in that sense, it is “Game on!” for them (but ONLY for them)… i.e., “Let’s see if we can get everyone really excited about (whatever).”

    In fact, Cheerleading Squads have competitions now. So, who cares if the Team on the field plays a terrible Game? As long as the pre-Game show (i,e, the Pep-Rally) was dazzling and entertaining!!

    Yes, “the Pep-Rally” can, by getting everyone excited, make a difference in “the Game”.

    However, although related, these ARE separate events, so let’s keep those things in perspective:

    If people agree that “the Game” is the acheiving of “Gov2.0”, then conferences like Gov2.0Expo, no matter how exciting they are, are still just “Pep-Rallies”.

    So, it is NOT “Game on!” for Gov2.0 …

    …. unless, of course, you think that playing “the Game” really means having “the Pep-Rally.”

    P.S. to GovFresh / Luke Fretwell:

    For years, I have been a strong advocate of using confidentiality in order to reveal information that might not otherwise be revealed. However, I suggest that this privilege should not be extended to those who are simply marketing private services or products (no matter how “awesome” they may be).

  2. Stephen,

    File this post under humor, which apparently someone’s not good at writing or someone’s not good at getting.

    (Note: This started months ago:

    Would be nice if you clarified what you mean by ‘The Game.’ Also, probably best left to each attendee to determine whether Gov 2.0 Expo (which I’ve never attended) is nothing more than a ‘Pep Rally.’ If there’s value, they’ll keep coming back.

    Thank you for your comments.


  3. Well, I guess that you got me there. But not everyone knows a running joke when they first meet one.

    I guess I was snookered because, to me, the “regular” Gov2.0 hype is *already* over-the-top so, as a result, I could not recognize that was a case of Gov2.0 “so-hyped-that-its-funny”.

    — SB


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