Microsoft gets cheeky

Gov 2.0 bon vivant Mark Drapeau (@cheeky_geeky) announced he will join Microsoft as Director of Innovative Social Engagement for its U.S. Public Sector division. Drapeau also serves as co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo.

From Drapeau:

“More specifically, I’ll be doing at least seven things immediately: (1) Interacting with and socially empowering the other members of the seven-person Applied Innovations Team; (2) Discussing my opinions about science and technology in the public sector and continuing to be a thought leader there; (3) Experimenting with new pre-sale information and social technology, often beta or free products that potentially have a public sector role; (4) Showing the human side of MSPS and engaging audiences through multimedia channel content production and other online activities; (5) Participating actively in the public sector communities of government, education, and healthcare; (6) Measuring and understanding public sentiment about MSPS using innovative techniques; (7) Acting as a competent resource for senior Microsoft decision makers, corporate partners, and customers, and public sector decision makers.”

Full post from Drapeau here.

We’re hoping he opens up May’s Gov 2.0 Expo in the spirit of his new boss:

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3 Responses

  1. GREAT post, Luke. Spot on! MS has another great win with Drapeau. Surely he’ll open Gov 2.0 Expo with an energized dose of style and flair for Microsoft. I like that he’s focusing on the human element — right up his alley. Has me curious as to what he’ll be chanting from a stage.

    For the record, Ballmer’s a bit…unkempt…in his “Developer, Developer” montage. As for Drapeau, I’ve never seen anyone look as debonair in a bowtie as he.

    Good call Microsoft, and congratulations, Mark!


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