6 politician-powered Ning networks

As the 2010 election cycle heats up, politicians will take to the Web with a fervor to raise money and vie for votes. Here are a few leading the way, creating niche social networks, leveraging platforms like Ning, to help spread their messages.

We’ll surely see more emerge in the coming months. Recommendations for those that do:

  • Explain simply and clearly what the site is about on the home page, who’s running and for what.
  • Keep it open.

Marco Rubio

Stand with Marco Rubio is the personal social network for Marco Rubio’s 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate. As a supporter, you can create your own Ning profile and join our social network. By doing this, you will be an interactive member of our network. This will provide you with the ability to add pictures from events, make comments, ask questions about the campaign, as well as donate to our efforts; all on Ning. You will also be able to discuss issues on forums as well as be able to post videos of Marco’s appearances in your area. Ning also allows people to friend and message each other. You will be able to see other people who also support Marco. Please join us as we continue on our road to victory!

Thomas Castillo

MyThomasCastillo.com: Thomas Castillo for Illinois Lieutenant Governor.

Bob McDonnell

McDonnell Action: Bob McDonnell for Virginia Governor campaign.

Tom Campbell

Campbell Connect: Tom Campbell for California Governor campaign.

Tim Ryan

Congressman Tim Ryan’s Ning Network

Joe Mallahan

Joe Mallahan for Mayor: I’m running for mayor of Seattle because I believe that current City Leadership fails to project a bold civic vision, and instead executes small plans and stumbles when delivering the most basic municipal services. Join with me and my campaign as we get moving and together, build a better Seattle.

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh, co-founder/CEO of ProudCity and co-host of the podcast, The Government We Need. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at luke@govfresh.com.

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  1. Baletp

    Together with Kurry, Fretwell created a WordPress theme and published it. We chose a Creative
    Commons license and put everything about CityCamp under that license. That’s great!


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