5 U.S. mayors, 25 developers will make the Gov 2.0 American Dream Team

Tryouts for the Gov 2.0 American Dream Team are on. Alphagovs, alphageeks get ready to spec and code, because Code for America is recruiting 5 cities to take the lead in re-shaping the face of the American municipal IT department.

Prospective mayors and developers, imagine yourself announcing the launch of democracy’s defining technological turning point.

Imagine you could take advantage of the work of 5 city ventures and their innovative approach to technology and bring your city the esteem and engagement companies like Twitter and Facebook enjoy.

Imagine your legacy was that you changed how American cities leveraged technology to save millions in taxpayer dollars and, at the same time, inspired citizens to fall deeply in love with government (and maybe even you).

Imagine you were the one who could rightfully lay claim to the quote, “Dot-gov is the new dot-com.”

Now you can, and Code for America wants you.

The gist:

Working with city managers, we help to identify projects that can benefit from web-based solutions. Code for America recruits both the development teams and the participating cities through competitive application processes. Once identified and funded, each city project is connected with a web development team that can further scope the project, develop an action plan, and deliver an appropriate solution over an 11-month development cycle. Throughout the development cycle, CFA mentors, trains, and coordinates the teams and facilitates their relationships with their city management clients.

CFA mission:

Code for America helps city governments become more transparent, connected and efficient by connecting the talents of cutting-edge web developers with people who deliver city services and want to embrace the transformative power of the web to achieve more impact with less money. Inspired in part by Teach for America, CFA works with city officials and leading web development talent to identify and then develop web solutions that can then be shared and rolled out more broadly to cities across America.

More from CFA founder Jen Pahlka:

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