New GovFresh feature: ‘MyGovApp’

In an effort to bring more attention to the great Gov 2.0 apps out there, we’re starting a new feature on GovFresh called “MyGovApp.”


“MyGovApp” is a new GovFresh feature showcasing Gov 2.0 applications, including Web, mobile, social networks, etc.

This will be a post by the app founder or creator.


Developers/companies/organizations building cutting edge Gov 2.0 applications.


Send the following to

1. App logo (at least 200px wide)
2. App name
3. Founder(s)
4. Description (250 words or less, including short description, bulleted list of features)
5. Ways to connect with app (URL, Twitter, Facebook – not personal links)
6. Gravatar email (this will be a post from you)
7. Brief (2-sentence) bio of poster, including html links


Post in the comments section below, and we’ll respond!

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh, co-founder/CEO of ProudCity and co-host of the podcast, The Government We Need. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at

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