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Socrata Social Data Platform


Kevin Merritt


The Socrata Social Data Platform allows organizations to make data available to citizens by transforming the way audiences consume and share public datasets, enabling government agencies to boost participation and fulfill transparency mandates.

With the Social Data Platform technical and non-technical audiences can interact with data online. Scientists and analysts can download data while everyday citizens can access data through an easy to use interface, much like media players are used for audio and video content.

The Social Data Platform includes Socrata’s Data Delivery Network, a shared services platform allowing organizations to share tremendous cost savings with other organizations of all shapes and sizes.”


About Kevin Merritt

At heart, Kevin is a software entrepreneur with a passion for and focus on making customers elated by delivering great software as a service. You can read and subscribe to No Wiggle Room, Kevin’s personal blog on entrepreneurship, technology and startups.

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  1. Juan Doe

     Nova Spivack as CEO of did 

    – not deliver on his “ideas”;

    – not have good management skills or strategies;

    – not take on board helpful user feedback;- breach users’ privacy and private groups;- decimate users’ content;- burn through $ tens of millions in investment without delivering a sustainable product;- the firesale of his own company. The acquiring company did not choose him to stay on as CEO. If this is the type of technologist the political leaders listen to, then we shouldn’t be surprised if the Web becomes less intelligent, open, connected and contextualized than it should be. 


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