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App Time Machine


Eugene Polyakov


Dynamic government data visualization on a state level. See how figures (unemployment rates for example) change over time and compare state to US total.


  • scroll time slider yourself or press the “play” button
  • BLS, Census & IRS data and various mashups
  • automatic data updates
  • extensibility: any time series data can be added


About Eugene Polyakov

Russian-born, moved to US in 2007.

1 Response

  1. I do have to agree that cuts on some of the IT projects will hurt but I’m guessing this cut has to do with the public information available only. We do need government IT services and this is a good time to bring up digital illiteracy with lawmakers, just as these cuts are taking place we have another bill from Grassley wanting the Medicare claims put on the web, which would end up being flawed and cost millions more, so what gives? He doesn’t get it:) Some still think that IT infrastructure grows on trees and for this reason I recommend machine learning technology like IBM Watson so all could see the same thing at the same time when exploring these issues and put big white boards up and port to wireless devices as all members with using speech recognition could query and we cover the lowest common denominator for digital literacy which allows all members to ask questions and participate and in this instance, the technology would need to be connected to the web for intensive queries. It would help and stop the soap operas that play out on the Congressional floors.


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