Let the Sunlight in

Sunlight FoundationWhat’s so govfreshing about the Sunlight Foundation is that they don’t take themselves (too) seriously, yet still manage to effectively push an important issue.

I was honored to meet several members of Team Sunlight here at Transparency Camp West, and it’s refreshing to see Washington D.C. being infiltrated with both an earnest and innovative approach to democracy.

Sunlighters like Ellen Miller, Clay Johnson, Jake Brewer, Josh Ruihley and Gabriela Schneider make me want to move back to Washington D.C. (Don’t tell mama and DEFINITELY don’t tell my wife.).

Few things of note:

1. Two great job opportunities:

2. New video:

Thank you, Sunlight, for holding such a wonderful event, bringing a fresh perspective to Washington D.C. and doing great work around building community, collaboration and enthusiasm towards a brighter democracy.

P.S. Josh: DM all one of us here at GovFresh for a real softball game once you’re done playing Little League.

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