Gov 2.0 Radio: The Promise of Open Data


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The Promise of Open Data: We talk with City of San Francisco CTO Blair Adams, SF innovations manager Jay Nath, and Web developer Tom Croucher about the open access to government data. More Gov 2.0 Radio »

Adriel Hampton is a blogger.



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  • Hillary Hartley

    Hi Kristy. You probably saw my tweet, but the Javascript issue was due to a file not getting loaded. I’d encourage you to try it again, and please continue to send feedback. We love having a talented webmaster combing through the site!

    And Alex – thanks for the kind words. Your summation is exactly correct. This site is the product of  listening to our users, analyzing metrics, and thinking outside the box.

  • Kristy Fifelski

    Right on, we’re heading in the right direction! Now with javascript off, menus on homepage load, and search bar works. Looks like interior page stylesheets could use a little positioning tweaking (ex. so main menu still clickable with js off. Thanks for looking into it – I’m sure people across the country will continue to explore the site and offer feedback and ideas in the coming days. One of the things I love about the nature of govies!

  • Jeff Margenau

    This site is very inaccessible and provides a questionable design.  I use IE 7 at work and I cannot access all the menu items.  Did they do browser testing before launch?  The large graphic on slower connections is a total waste of bandwidth and does not convey any meaningful information to the user.  Oh yes, the graphic is very pretty – but slows down the download time immensely.

    The site is VERY clunky and it is not intuitive at all – unless you want to search.

    I also do not understand the design concept logic.  So if I discover that most people click on page X, would I then put the largest link taking up most of my homepage - page X?  No, in fact it says the opposite.  It says that everyone can easily find page X if that’s what they wanted.