25 must-follow #gov20 heroes on Twitter

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh and a strategy consultant for CivicActions and NuCivic. More about him here. He can be reached at luke@govfresh.com.



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  • http://radar.oreilly.com Tim O’Reilly

    I can’t believe you don’t have @carlmalamud on this list. He is THE pioneer in US government transparency. He put the SEC online (from the outside) in 1993, and is still fighting the good fight at http://public.resource.org.

    And you’ve also left of the other pioneer, Tom Steinberg and the folks at http://mysociety.com, creators of theyworkforyou.com, fixmystreet.com, and other pioneering Gov2.0 applications in the UK. They tweet under the moniker @mysociety.

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  • http://lukefretwell.com Luke Fretwell

    Thanks, Tim. Would love to get you and Carl featured soon like we did with Craig.

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  • http://twitter.com/levyj413 Jeffrey Levy

    Thanks for including me. :) I’m delighted to see that I know most of these folks and have heard of most of the others, but I still picked up a couple new people to follow.

  • http://mixtmediastrategies.com mixtmedia

    Thanks very much for the kind mention. Follow those who follow those — leverage the network effect for building a valuable network.

  • http://GovTwit.com Steve Lunceford

    Thanks for the inclusion of both myself and GovTwit! Like Jeffrey, I found a couple of new folks to follow – and to add to the directory!

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  • http://www.you2gov.org Alan W. Silberberg

    Thanks for posting this list. Great to see so many leaders on this issue all in one place. I would suggest, humbly, adding myself as well! @you2gov :)

  • http://cpsrenewal.ca Nick Charney

    Hey thanks for being included! Always appreciate positive feedback and the opportunity to connect with others.


  • http://NYSenate.gov Noel Hidalgo

    How about the NY State Senate CIO @NYSenateCIO? His team has created the most advanced legislative website, made the argument for the NY Senate to be the first state legislature to adopt creative commons and they have unprecedented open.nysenate.gov where their code is placed into the public domain.

  • http://www.capacity4dev.eu christoforos korakas

    I will back 100% Tim on having Tom Steinberg and mysociety up here

    They are leading the pack at least in Europe…

    We at best try to copy the best practice he establishes … And he is even helping us do that too !

    I would also recommend you have a look beyond the US … loads of things happening out there !

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  • http://www.ca.gov Naomi Caietti, PMP

    Good short list; will you be expanding and categorizing by region/state, private vs public sector, PR etc ? I’d like to be added and have some to add if you expand.

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